Friday, June 23, 2006

The Revolution will NOT be blogged has a fairly interesting article a bout the blogosphere's beat down on Joe Lieberman and War Room discusses the recent "liberal blog conspiracy" surrounding secret email lists and Mr. Kos's dictator-like tendencies. What struck me the most was Kos's statement about the blogosphere working to create a people center political movement for change in this country. (or something to that effect).

Count me as skeptical. As this blog shows, I'm new to the blogosphere, sucked in by the success of a co-worker, who is able to use his blog to manipulate events and public figures. (see his blog at Yes he will bring down the ho dentist, the Marina City Condo Board, Suburban Tourists, the Metra Administration and annoying tourists).

But will the blogosphere give voice to the voiceless and overcome the race and class barriers to political power and create a just economic and social order in the United States? I don't have any stats on the demographics of the blogosphere, but I'm pretty sure that I'm quite representative. I don't see many blogs from the truly voiceless in American society: the immigrant laborer, the inner city welfare recipient, the migrant farm worker, struggling farmer or rural wage laborer. While Mr. Kos and his denizens may claim that their work is necessary to represent those voices, all their efforts smack of anti-democratic, elitist "vanguard" theories that intellectuals cherish.

The revolution will not be blogged. The revolution will come from sustained, face to face organizing efforts that begin at the local level: finding where the oppressed are and giving them the tools to speak and fight. It is a long, hard struggle that requires more than banging away at a keyboard.

To Paraphrase:
The revolution will not be blogged brother,
The revolution will be no witty post
The revolution will be LIVE!!


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