Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Down Goes Lieberman!

Do check out the following posts from's excellent War Room blog about the Lieberman defeat. Reading them as a whole is an excellent anti-dote to the talking heads spin on what happened. The sickest part is how opposition to Mr. Lieberman is being spun as anti-Semitic and that Jews (like Christians) must vote Republican because they're pro-Israel. (As opposed to the rabidly pro-Arab Democrats). Here's the only thing I have to say to those who see "left-hatred" or "leftist McCarthyism."

What would Republicans do if one of their sitting Senators was a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, anti-Iraq war, pro-union backer of President Clinton?

An example is the primary election in Michigan, where pro-choice moderate Joe Schwartz was defeated by a pro-life candidate supported by millions of dollars of outside money.

Hmm. What's up Mr. Pot? I'm the kettle. Guess what, you're black too!


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