Monday, October 30, 2006

The Yacking Has Begun

Whether or not the Democrats pick up control of either House is still up for grabs, as I imagine anyone who is alive knows. But the chattering classes have already begun to spin any Democrat victory not as a repudiation of conservatism (which is may or may not be) but rather as the Democrats becoming more conservative (check out this article in the famously liberal NY Times) or merely because the Republicans somehow went liberal on us (Dick Armey's interpretation-- glad to see he's back and grumbling).

There are hints of an alternate reality in the Times piece at least, where part of Heath Schuler's appeal to voters in a socially conservative North Carolina district are the increasing economic difficulties of the working class. But that doesn't fit the mainstream media's Herculean effort to convince us that only moderates who skew right can win elections now a days in the new economic and political reality they have defined for us.

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