Monday, July 10, 2006

Addedums, Corrections, and Meanderings

The fact checkers here at Miltant Monk were bought at Wal-Mart, so they sometimes miss things. Here's some items and addendums:

1. Check out Greg Mu's comments on my Mars Hill post. He adds some corrections and fills in some gaps.

2. Interesting article in the New York Times about Rob Bell (Wheaton Graduate, Mars Hill pastor) and his Everything is Spiritual Tour which touched down in Logan Square here in Chi-City. I was surprised by how much the article focused on political Christianity: gay marriage, abortion, etc. Some may see liberal, athestic bias. I hear Malcolm X saying: The chickens have come home to roost. If Christians want to be taken seriously as something other than anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage activists, then they should act that way. Mr. Bell is unfortunately swimming upstream

3. Sorry for the random Jose Reyes picture post. I'm still figuring things out. He's a good baseball player, though, right?

4. Went to Summerfest to see the GooGoo Dolls. Fantastic show, ridicously rainy. I had always heard that the boys from Buffalo had punk roots, but when I heard "Slide" I scoffed. But, no, seriously, they can really rock. Especially the scary bass player.

5. Viva Italia! How about that game? Is Cannavaro the Charles Oakely of international soccer or what? I've never imagined tough, physical defense and any Italian sport or branch of the armed forces being mentioned in the same breath. And how bizarre was it to see Jean-Luc Picard losing his cool?

6. Check out the fantastic post at Chichttp://chicagocarless.comago Carless. It's everything I've felt about NY and home, written plainly, excellently and to the point. I'm working on a continuation post of that.

7. And finally, tommorrow is the day when concious hip-hop may be relevant again. (and no, I don't count Kanye "Chicago's version of P-Diddy puff daddy" as concious. Chicago's own Rhymefest drops his debut album.

Peace to you all.

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