Friday, July 07, 2006

CTA Layer Cake

I ride the CTA a lot. Theorectically, one can take the CTA (bus or rail) from any point in the city and arrive within 4 or 5 blocks from any other point in the city. The trip planner web site is fantastic and the Chicago Card (when it works) is dynomite.

But I have just one (well multiple actually) beef with CTA buses. It's what I like to call the CTA layer cake. Say for example you're waiting for a bus at oh, Pulaski and Lake or Chicago and Keeler for a bus that's set to pass at 3:15. The CTA Layer cake is when instead of a bus passing at 3:15, 3:30 and 3:45, all three buses pass by at about 3:40.

I've often wondered what is the recipe for the layer cake. Is it drivers drag racing? Can't be traffic, because one bus is early and one is extremely late and the other just kinda late. Is it some sort of traffic management strategy?

All I know is that it's dandy. It becomes almost central american style bus riding as all three drivers are trying to pass one another, to pick up fares, to get back on schedule. All you need are some chickens and M-18 gang members robbing people to make it totally like riding the tomates in Guatemala.

So here's my plea to the CTA. We're an obese enough city. Cut out the cake.


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